Spectacular Girls is autistic led, promotes the positive aspects of being autistic, and seeks to reduce the inequalities that autistic girls and women may experience.

This is achieved through increased understanding, ensuring inclusion through working collaboratively with parents / carers, professionals and others through CPD (Continuing Professional Development), workshops and one to one support for children.

Hello and welcome to my website where you will find information about the services that I offer such as autism training (from an autistic perspective), wellbeing workshops for autistic children, insights about being autistic through my blog, and practical resources for autistic children.

Having had the privilege of working with autistic children for over twenty years in both mainstream and specialist settings, I now work to raise awareness and understanding of autism so that autistic children can be better understood, their individual needs met, whilst improving access to education and healthcare.

Whilst I believe that all autistic children are important, as an autistic woman I am particularly passionate about supporting autistic girls to reach their academic potential and in helping autistic girls to experience good health. This is because research and data, as well as practice, shows that autistic girls and women are facing many inequalities across health and education. More needs to be done to change this. I established the ‘Spectacular Girls Wellbeing Workshops’ for this reason.

My book ‘Supporting Spectacular Girls’ published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers (Oct 2021)  explains in detail the issues that autistic girls and women can experience, and suggests possible solutions as to how these can be addressed. I would welcome feedback and other insights and believe that however much we know about autism, that learning is lifelong, and that what we know is constantly evolving. I believe in listening to, and learning from others, especially those whose ‘voices’ go unheard for numerous reasons.

As well as being an author, I have written for various publications about autism, have written curriculum documents for schools, have been the lead for the autism accreditation of a special school and have spoken at various local and national events and conferences such as the ‘NAS Women and Girls Conference’. I have worked with individual children as well as groups, have worked with many families, charities, schools, groups and other organisations to promote inclusion. I have an MA in Education (SEN and Inclusion, specialising in autism), The National Award for SEN Co-ordination, PGCE, BA (Hons) Illustration in addition to many other qualifications.

Autistic children deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Working with the child, in the same direction, and understanding and accepting the child as they are, will help to improve their wellbeing. Autistic children have many strengths and interests, and these can help them to thrive though a greater understanding and appreciation of how they each view and experience the world is necessary.

I hope you enjoy the content of this website and find it both informative and practical.

Best wishes,



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