Spectacular Girls™

‘Spectacular Girls’™ was established to improve the wellbeing of autistic girls. ‘Spectacular Girls’ takes a dual approach to improve well-being – autism training for parents, carers, and professionals and well-being workshops for autistic children. A collaborative approach to well-being is needed between parents, carers, and professionals with the child at the centre.

‘Spectacular Girls Well-being Workshops for Autistic Girls’ are suitable for autistic girls of secondary school age attending mainstream schools and other settings (as well as those being home schooled) and have been sensitively devised by an autistic autism specialist with over 20 years’ experience in teaching autistic children. Workshops enable participants to explore a range of relevant topics, important to autistic children, often not included in the school curriculum.

Workshops encourage girls to develop greater self-awareness and understanding to enable them to build positive identities, essential to their well-being. Workshops are tailored to the needs of small groups and are adapted for girls of different ages and stages, all of whom are unique. This enables girls to consider how being autistic may affect them as individuals whilst reflecting on their own personal strengths, interests, and challenges in a safe and supportive environment. Workshops cover a broad range of beneficial topics such as; friendships and relationships, intense interests, feelings and self-expression, safety, sensory needs and sensitivities, transition and change and mental and physical health. They explore strategies and resources that can help to reduce anxiety and that can aid well-being, choosing those that work for them personally. ‘Spectacular Girls Well-being Workshops for Autistic Girls’ are delivered as six, two hour sessions. To reduce anxiety, sessions follow a structured routine and girls are prepared for these in advance.

‘Spectacular Girls Well-being Workshops for Autistic Girls’ aims to address the many inequalities that autistic girls face across the lifespan in relation to their education, health and well-being.